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The flowers are blooming, the colder weather is disappearing, and the southern sun is shining! You know what that means—spring cleaning! Whether you need somewhere to store your Christmas decorations until next year or a place to put things after you de-clutter your home, A Storage Inn has what you need!



— Since winter is now transitioning into spring, you won’t need those winter sweaters in this summer heat! After you store that winter apparel, LABEL your boxes for easy access next season!

— For your hanging items, purchase a rolling cart! The convenience of being able to simply roll your items into your unit will make spring cleaning a breeze!

— To get the most out of your unit, divide it into seasons! Knowing that your belongings have a specific place will make the organization process that much easier!

— Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be isolated to clothes or seasonal decorations. Is your wife complaining about all the unused tools in the garage? You can store those items here at A Storage Inn and you will make her happy!

— Do you not have a garage and want to protect your lawn care equipment? A Storage Inn has convenient outside storage that is available to you!

— Do you have a boat or an RV that cannot fit in your driveway or backyard? Call one of our 11 locations to find out which one will best fit your needs. We will be happy to serve you!

A Storage Inn offers various sizes of units, ranging from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’. This versatility means we can meet all of your storage needs whether you need to simply store one room of belongings, or an entire house. Also, A Storage Inn offers two types of units, as well: climate control and non-climate control. If that isn’t enough, we also carry moving supplies to make this process a bit easier! We offer boxes, bubble wrap for your more delicate belongings, locks if you forget, and tape to seal it all together!


 We have carts on site to make the journey from your car to your unit less of a hassle. At A Storage Inn, we try to make this process as easy as possible for our customers!


Spring-cleaning can often be stressful, but at A Storage Inn, we have 11 convenient locations to better serve you and make this transition as easy as possible!

** My name is Julie Scales and I am located at 3301 Jean Lafitte Parkway, Chalmette LA 70043 and will be more than happy to provide the services you need to spring into spring-cleaning or any other storage needs!**