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Insurance for Self Storage


Below are some reasons why Insurance for your items is so important:

In most cases, you are no longer covered by homeowners or renters insurance when storing your personal items in a self-storage unit. Most policies that are written today impose additional exclusions when storing items in self- storage.  That’s why it is so important to purchase self- storage insurance.

The insurance that we offer at our facilities is especially designed to provide self-storage customers with low-cost insurance. For just pennies a day, it’s a no brainer for the peace of mind knowing you have insurance. While precautions are taken to provide you with a safe and secure storage environment, storage facilities are not responsible for losses that may occur. Losses such as……


Fire is a real concern for anyone, just as our facility is built to be fire resistant but not fire proof!

(look at an example of another facility in a neighboring town after a fire)


Securing your property at a well maintained and well lit facility is not enough! Having a secure lock such as the ones we sell still is not enough. You have to ask yourself if you are taking that much care in protecting your belongings and paying a storage fee why not take out some insurance.  With having a qualified Self Storage insurance policy in place you have done all you can to protect your keepsakes.

Here is a video of a fire at another facility!


What about “mother nature” and what could happen when the unexpected occurs. Tornados are a real concern and it does not matter where you live! Not that long ago a tornado hit in Ohio….



And then there is possible burglary, here are more examples of a facility in Houston after a break–in


Be safe and as protected as you can. It only takes a couple minutes and very little money to get insurance at any of our facilities for your valuable possessions. If it’s worth storing why not be fully protected!


This blog was written by Donna M. Chisesi, Manager of A Storage Inn #12 at 3334 West Airline Hwy in Reserve, La. 70084.  Donna has been a self-storage manager for over 15 years.  Part of her management experience before Reserve was as a self-storage manager in St. Bernard Parish during Hurricane Katrina.  Donna has seen the effects of not being properly insured.  She can be reached at 985-479-4700.