How To Select & Stack A Storage Unit

Categories: Self Storage

Moving can be stressful. But, with a little planning and the help of

A Storage Inn, it can be made a little easier.

Your first step is determining what size unit is needed. Make a list of those items you will be storing. Don’t worry, it’s not an exact inventory, just a basic list. (Example: 2 queen beds, 2 dressers, sofa, table, 6 chairs, washer, dryer, 10 boxes, etc.)

 The next step is the easiest! Call, or drop by A Storage Inn!

Our on-site managers are friendly professionals that can guide you to selecting the right storage unit. Our managers are there to help you.

With years of experience, they can ease the burden by offering their knowledge on how to stack a unit to get the most out of the space available.


You will be asked a few questions about what you will be storing. This will determine the size needed, and if a temperature and humidity controlled unit (climatic control) would best suit you. The length of your stay is flexible. We offer month to month leases for short term use, or stay as long as necessary. Some customers keep smaller units for those things they rarely use, or seasonal items like decorations.

The manager will show you a selection of the many sizes available, from really small units like a 5’ x 5’ up to larger 10’ x 20’ (some locations have larger units).

Using your list, placement suggestions will be made for your furniture and personal belongings. Offering their experience, you will be given examples of how to stack, utilizing all of the space, and taking advantage of the 10 foot and higher ceilings.


An example of what NOT to do.

 Beds should be stored upright, as can sofas. Tables can be broken down, or if left assembled, utilize the space above and below.

By placing a board and protective covering over a washer and dryer, you have created shelving to stack lighter weight boxes.

9-3          9-4

A good example of getting the most out of your space. Stack upwards!

With our long history in assisting customers, managers can offer insight into what to move in first, or last. A typical manager’s hint: put file cabinets in last! You don’t want to have to move and repack a full storage unit to get to paperwork for school, taxes, or a trip!

A Storage Inn offers more than just an empty space to store your belongings. Our managers live on site. You can purchase moving supplies, locks, and insurance. We take care of pest and rodent control.

Our inside units are accessible through wide, well lit aisles. Rolling carts making moving a breeze. At the entrance, the canopy overhead allows move-ins, even during those pop-up rain storms!

We appreciate your business look forward to providing the best customer service available.

Thank you for choosing A Storage Inn!

Scott Sorensen is the manager for A Storage Inn # 11 located in Slidell at 606 Voters Road. Scott has been a manager for A Storage Inn for 12 years. If you have any questions concerning moving or storage, feel free to give Scott a call at 985-643-5556