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Due to uncontrollable circumstances you have to put all of your belongings in storage for a while.

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Before you get started packing there are a few things you need to know.

Law prohibits certain things from being put into a storage unit.  These days you can search the web to find out what your state allows and disallows. You should also read the Rental Agreement you signed between you and your storage facility. All facilities are not the same.ASI


Do not store anything odorous, explosive, potentially dangerous or hazardous materials…..        

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Radioactive equipment and supplies…….

Always check the labels to find the proper way to store or dispose of anything radioactive.

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Ammunition …….

Never put ammunition in storage it is Illegal and there is a chance of combustion.

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Perishable food…….

Attracts rodents and after they finish the food they will eat at everything else you have in your unit then travel to your neighbor’s unit

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Plants …….

Without water and sunlight they will die.

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Animals …….

All these little fellows will definitely die in there

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People …….

Even if they do annoy you at times you can’t lock them in your storage unit.

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Used Tires…..

To put it simply they are NOT ALLOWED…..


Residential Purposes…..

Your storage unit is not an apartment so you CAN NOT live in it.

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If it is Illegal, IT’S NOT ALLOWED…

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Do you have a question about a certain item that you want to put in storage?


If you are still not sure, Call the manager of the facility where you rented and they will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about what you can store in your unit, And if we don’t have an answer we will do whatever is necessary to find out.

Remember that if you put anything in your storage unit that is not allowed and something should happen because of your negligence you will be held accountable

Always check your Rental Agreement or ask questions.

Hi I’m Stan and I live on site of our facility located at 7413 W. St. Bernard Hwy. Arabi, La.  Our phone number is 504-277-6464 and E-mail address is Please call.  If there is anything I can help you with.

If you would like to get storage at any of our other facilities just go to our website @ and click the “LOCATIONS” tab

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