Bits, pieces, and the moral to that story

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My name is Melynie Wright and I have been with A Storage inn for 16 years as a property manager. A few funny things have happened along the way at a few of our properties. Below are bits and pieces of that journey.


  1. While walking down the hall one day, I noticed a lady in her undies standing with her back to the main hallway. She was apparently getting ready to change clothes and go on her way. As I approached, the scantly clothed woman turned around and dove into conversation about everything but the small bits of clothing on her body.  asi13
  2. While doing a late evening check on my property, I noticed a vehicle in front of the building. As I entered the building and turned the corner, I saw my long time tenant sitting on a cart fast asleep with his head on his hand like the (thinker statue). Papers and boxes were scattered around him. In order to not startle him, I jingled my keys, stomped my feet, tapped on the wall and called his name loudly. After several loud, did I say ‘’ loud” voicing of his name followed by the question “Are you ok “, the tenant suddenly awoke, muttered I’m fine, and began to quickly attend to his mess never once with any mention of him being asleep. asi12


  1. One weekend a customer came to store her belongings with us. After a couple of weeks a foul smell arose in one of our buildings. After locating the origin of the smell, we contacted Mary. Mary came and opened her unit for us and directed us to her freezer, Well, needless to say, Mary thought temperature and humidity controlled units would keep a freezer full of meat frozen.   It didn’t…….  asi14
  2. I try to place close attention to any and all stories offered up by tenants during their initial rental. Frequently we come in contact with married couples, boyfriend /girl-fiends, and roommates who have decided to uncouple, divide and store the pieces of their partnership. We try to locate them in separate areas of the property if both parties happen to come to us. This is done quite easily with 600 units and 3 buildings.

    On one such occasion, both parties wound up side by side in the same building due to the lack of information offered at the point of rental. After both parties arrived at the office, it was noticed they both finally agreed on something, to rent and store their belongings here. The second party was then discreetly relocated to another area of the property affording her a little more privacy..    asi15

Moral to the story…

  1. Changing clothes in public is never a good idea, because you never know who may be watching.

We like underwear, but prefer it packed away in storage, in our dressers, or on our own bodies under our clothes …….

  1. Get plenty of rest before coming into storage, our dolly’s are made of wood and not that comfortable besides not really good for our posture..
  1. Temperature and humidity controlled units are primarily used to keep humidity at a minimum and mimic a similar environment as your home. They are not to be used to store frozen or refrigerated items.
  1. Help us Help you!

The more information we have about what you will be storing will help us find the perfect size for you as well as save you money. The size vehicle you will be using for transport is important in unit location.  Last but not least, we are here to help you through your transition and give you a safe place to land and store your belongings.  We will also lend an ear if you just need someone to talk to.

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